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Handy Laundering Tips For Your Rugby Union Hoodies

Hoodies are a staple in most people's closets. If you are someone who is constantly in jeans, chances are you also have a number of rugby union hoodies. Here are some handy cleaning tips to keeping your rugby union hoodies in pristine condition.  

Turn your hoodies inside out

The first thing that you should do is always ensure that your hoodies are inside out before they are washed. This will go a long way in preventing the colour of your hoodies from fading due to regular laundering. In addition to this, when fading does start to happen, it will happen uniformly thus your hoodies will not have incongruent patterns of differently hued colours. Another reason you should put rugby union hoodies inside out when they are washed is that you immensely reduce the amount of stress that the hoodies are put through when they are laundered.

Launder your hoodies in cold water

Warm water or hot water will increase the chances of the hoodies bleeding on the jeans. This then leads to fading of the hoodies. Another reason for washing the hoodies in cold water is the materials that these garments are made up of. Rugby union hoodies tend to have some spandex or some lycra incorporated into the fabric of the garment. When you then wash the hoodies in warm or hot water, the spandex will melt and this will invariably result into ill-fitting hoodies.

Gently hand wash the hoodies

When hand washing your hoodies, you have to be very careful. First, soak the garment in some soapy water. Once the water has soaked through, gently massage the garment so that the soapsuds can clean the garment. Do not wring it or be rough with it in any way. This could permanently damage your hoodie and cause it to lose its shape. Once you are done washing it, rinse the garment in some lukewarm water. Ensure all the soapsuds are out before you decide to dry it.

Do not hang your hoodies to dry

When drying your rugby union hoodies, do not hang them to dry. This will stretch the fibres of the fabric and you will end up with misshapen garments. Instead, lay the garment on a flat surface. If you are drying the rugby union hoodies using a dryer, do not put them individually into the dryer to dry on their own. Let the pillow case tumble in the dryer at a delicate setting and cool temperature.